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About Tube Filling Machines

Filling machines are the machines used to fill variety of materials like solid materials in powder form or any other form, liquid materials, cream materials etc. The filling machines are used in pharmacy, consumer, chemical manufacturing companies, oil and other products manufacturing companies.

The rigid vibration free construction of the machine is designed to give trouble free performance to the workers. We manufacture and export all type of tube filling and sealing machines for cosmetic creams tube filling, pastes filling, honey filling, gel filling, gum tube filling, balms filling, paint filling, glue tube filling, adhesive filling, ghee filling, lotion filling, shampoo filling etc.

Automatic tube filling machine from Bhagwati machetes is available for filling various tube materials like tube filling machine for cream, tube filling machine for toothpaste, filling machine for ointment etc. Tube filling machine handles the filling in various diameter tubes ranging from 10mm to 40mm and length range can vary from 40mm to 200mm. Tube filling machine handles the various features like auto cap tightening, no tube no filling mechanism with automatic tube in feed.

Our tube filling machines operate in an automatic process and are capable of filling tubes of diverse sizes. The ointment filling tools manufactured by us also offer superior performance while filling ointments and creams. Moreover, all the parts of our toothpaste filling devices are ss 316 complaint and adhere to the gmp quality standards. Execution of all the major transfers takes place with the help of vacuum, which prevents contamination

Basis of design

The tube filling machine shall be used for filling and sealing of tubes such as laminate tubes, aluminum and plastic tubes for semi-solid products. The tube filling machine shall automatically operate to fill laminate tubes, aluminum tubes or plastic tubes with semi-solid products (semi-solid products such as cream, gel, and ointment.) And seal the bottom of the tube with filled products with heat sealer or crimper. The tubes are manually fed to the tube feeder. A tube will be transferred via a single transfer chute and turned the bottom up. The tube is moved by rotation wheel to the dosing station.

Semi-solid product prepared in the semi-solid manufacturing suite shall be transferred via a mobile vessel or vat and connected to the filling machine. Semi-solid products shall be supplied to the filling machine nozzle by vacuum or sanitary pump, as per the filling machine packaged skid design.

The tube is filled with product with adjustable volume. Then the filled tube is moved to the seal station to seal the bottom of the tube whether heat sealer or laminate crimper. The sealed tube is conveyed out of the machine on the downstream by the transport system capacity. The tube filling machine shall be capable of operating the following filling weight and speeds available : 30 tube fill per minute , 40 tube per minute , 60 tube per minute , 150 tube per minute with different model.

Tube feeder

The tube filling machine shall be designed to allow manual loading of tubes ergonomically into the magazine with automatic tube feeding into the dosing station.

The tube shall be orderly fed to the dosing station and placed in vertical position on dedicated position. The open bottom side of the tube is up.

Dosing station

The tube shall be internally cleaned by adjustable air blow and dust aspiration device by vacuum.

A terminal filter shall be used for the compressed air to the cleaning station.

The heated hopper with scraper shall be used to keep homogeneity and consistent temperature of the product.
Adjuster shall be used for the central dosing volume adjustment. The dosing volume as well as the dosing speed shall be adjusted at the operating terminal.

The dosing station shall automatically detect and alert the operator if any dosing station is missing a tube.

Sealing station

Plastic tube shall be completely sealed by thermos sealing equipped with high frequency hot jaws and hot air. Possibility to customize designer seals.

Laminate tube and aluminum tube shall be sealed by tube closing unit for normal, double, or saddle fold.
Coding on the outer of the tube shall be able to do in this station.

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